The Dog

"Hi! My name is Toto! My Mom named me that because I'm from Kansas.

I bounce like a bunny when I'm really excited and my favorite thing ever is to hide underneath blankets and dirty clothes. 

'm twelve years old and I just learned how to swim! I like to swim behind Mom while she kayaks.

Sometimes my Mom gets sick and needs my help, so she takes me everywhere she goes! 
I can't hear very well so I wear a special necklace that beeps if Mom needs to get my attention.
I also get to wear a special uniform while I'm working! Mom says it's pink, but I'm pretty sure it's grey.  She even bought me a special backpack to ride in on our urban adventures!

 I had a bad life before my Mommy found me and now I get really nervous around new people. I try to be brave but sometimes my whole body shakes and I get a nervous tummy. When Mom brings me to work she packs a pop up kennel that makes me feel really safe.  

I promise I'm friendly, it just takes me a while to warm up to new humans. 

I have to go, Mom needs me!"

- Toto

If you are around Perrin, you will likely be around Toto too. Here are some helpful things to know:

Though Toto is 100% house trained, Perrin comes prepared with cleaning supplies should an accident occur.

Toto is up to date on all shots and vaccinations. 

Toto is non aggressive and has very submissive and nervous tendencies

Toto is a certified Service Dog and has the authority to enter any premises.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Perrin Marie.


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