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The Human


With humble beginnings and a grateful future, Perrin Marie is living her dream as an internationally published, self-taught, multi-disciplinary artist. Perrin's work unites her social responsibility as an artist, environmentalist, and woman, amplifying her hopes for the world.
Perrin Marie began her career as an art model, which she celebrated with her first solo show in 2021, Art & Body.  In 2022 the artist had her second solo show, Doll House Collection, featuring self-portraits with fashion from trash.
Perrin is currently focused on building upon the fashion from trash concept while at residencies with The Fruit (Durham)  and VANTAGE Art Flats (Danville) and hopes you will follow her adventures.


The Human currently aspires to live a long, healthy and creative life. 
Meanwhile, she intends to experience and create on every continent. 


"Through art, I feel peacefully engaged with the world; each composition is a meditative process and creative release. I do not confine myself to one medium, style, or concept; my work often explores my imagination through multiple mediums. Furthermore, my work unites my social responsibility as an artist, woman, and environmentalist, amplifying my hope for the world. Inspired by moments and people often overlooked, I live nomadically, pursuing the spontaneity of life. Meeting new people and learning new ways of life, love, and happiness keep my imagination ignited." -Perrin Marie

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