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About The Model






For Perrin Marie, modeling is much more than income. Perrin believes herself and everyone to be conduits of creativity.
Creativity travels through the air like a empty plastic bag, whipping and twirling about. It's your choice whether or not to chase it, or let it pass you by.
Perrin Marie has decided to chase creativity for the rest of her life.  Rather than discriminating based on levels of experience, Perrin Marie selects her collaborations based on the potential that each photographers portfolio shows. This open-mindedness has gifted her with the opportunity to work with many underrated and invaluable artists.
Perrin Marie has witnessed the power of honesty and art and considers herself a lifetime student of the creative process.
The art she's making, the experiences she is gaining, the people she is meeting and the places she sees leave her continuously humbled.
Bringing this energy of gratefulness, wonder and excitement to each shoot is how she receives consistently charged results. 

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