Working With
The Model

I Wanna
Work With
The Model

"I want to express my gratitude to you for choosing to work with me!
I look forward to our creative time together and to making memories."
- The Perrin Marie 


Hair, Makeup + Elastic Lines

Makeup + Hair

Perrin Marie arrives to set with both hair & makeup completed. Though she prefers a natural look, she is willing & able to do elaborate & creative makeup. 

Elastic + Clothing Lines

Perrin Marie does her best to prevent elastic & clothing lines by wearing loose clothing on her commute to the set.  Please note skin 
indentations can be difficult to avoid.


How Does
This Work?

How Does This Work? 

1. Check The Perrin Marie's Calendar to see when she has availability.

2. Select your desired time slot (2 hour minimum).

3. Review Perrin Marie's scheduling, deposit, cancellation and payment policies.

4. Fill out the provided form.

5. Wait for Perrin Marie to contact you directly via email.




"I think music is really important in any given situation, but particularly during a creative activity. 
I love hearing other people's music tastes, but if you have no preference, I have a station on Pandora that I typically play during shoots."

- The Perrin Marie



Perrin Marie comes to each shoot prepared with a basic wardrobe.
On the form provided during the booking process, you have an opportunity to request specialty wardrobe options.
Please be mindful that Perrin travels light and may not be able to accommodate all requests.  

Good Vibes

 Good Vibes

Perrin Marie prides herself on being able to create and maintain a positive atmosphere for the creative time you will spend with her.
She believes what makes a successful creative experience is the attitude behind it.
To her, even failed
attempts are accomplishments and opportunities to learn.

Her whole life, Perrin Marie has wrestled with a rare version of an autoimmune disorder called Celiacs Disease. Although it's commonly known to cause reactions to those who ingest gluten, Perrin can also be affected by airborne particles she inhales or touches. Gluten is most commonly associated with wheat flour, as well as related grains like malt and barley.  Gluten is also an ingredient in a surprising number of food, detergents, healthcare, scent, and cleaning products.

Allergies + Health

How Can I Help?

How Can You Help?

"I love shooting in clean studios, sets, in nature, and urban locations but I avoid working in houses, home studios, hotels, and most abandoned locations
Although I greatly appreciate your offers of food and hospitality, I can't accept food that I do not prepare myself. I also ask that you please refrain from using heavy scents (i.e. candles, air fresheners, incense, perfumes) during our shoot. 
Please also be mindful of the objects you ask me to wear and pose on/with (i.e. used or vintage clothing, furniture, food products). I may bring fabrics to drape over furniture, and can wear new clothes (thanks Amazon!).
Let me control what goes on my hair and skin by letting me know if I need to bring tape, adhesives, hairspray, wet wipes, bug spray, oils, makeup, etc.
I greatly appreciate your consideration on these matters."
- The Perrin Marie 

How Does She Deal?

"Like anyone with Celiacs, my life revolves around ways to stay healthy.
Fresh baked cookies may be a reminder of home, but old houses that have seen years of baking are a problem for me. Thus, I built my own tiny house. It's a warm and welcoming space -- it even has special insulation made of recycled denim.
I avoid restaurants, but I learned to love cooking, especially Thai food.
Hotels are a problem because I don't know what's been eaten in the room or how the sheets are washed, so I camp or live in my car while on tour. 
Gluten is still used as a filler in many pills and capsules, so often modern medicines are out of reach. I've learned to substitute with natural alternatives."

-The Perrin Marie

How Does She Deal?