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Trauma Shoots

It's not an uncommon practice for collaborators to ask each other to conjure powerful, sometimes painful, memories to evoke emotion they wish to portray within their work. 

The fine arts photography and modeling community have aptly coined this intimate and vulnerable collaborative experience as a "Trauma Shoot".


An abundance of trauma resides within the arts community and Perrin often receives messages from those identifying with her personal story or requesting a Trauma Shoot.

As a suicide survivor and advocate for mental health awareness, Perrin strives to speak openly and honestly about her relationship with trauma and hopes to contribute to the normalization of conversation regarding mental health.

Though your interaction with The Model is not a substitute for therapy, Perrin is humbled to converse and create with those who share their own stories and pledges a non judgmental, confidential ear to those who continue to do so. 

Traumas are as unique as their individuals and each Trauma Shoot is uncharted territory.

Whether you're contemplating booking The Model to mirror your personal story, a loved one's or The Model's, Perrin is dedicated to contributing to an open minded and positive atmosphere for shared vulnerability and emotional release.
To assist in this mission and promote emotional healing, Perrin Marie has created a few guidelines:

Trauma Shoot Inquiry Form
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